Active Directory Recommendations Scenario Assume you are an entry-level security administrator working for Always Fresh. You have been asked to evaluate the option of adding Active Directory to the companys network. Tasks Create a summary report to management that answers the following questions to satisfy the key points of interest regarding the addition of Active Directory to the network: 1. System administrators currently create users on each computer where users need access. In Active Directory where will system administrators create users? 2. How will the procedures for making changes to the user accounts such as password changes be different in Active Directory? 3. What action should administrators take for the existing workgroup user accounts after converting to Active Directory? 4. How will the administrators resolve differences between user accounts defined on different computers? In other words if user accounts have different settings on different computers how will Active Directory address that issue? (Hint: Consider security identifiers SIDs.) Required Resources § Internet access § Course textbook Submission Requirements § Format: Microsoft Word (or compatible) § Font: Times New Roman size 12 double-space § Citation Style: APA § Length: 3 pages Self-Assessment Checklist § I addressed all questions required for the summary report. § I created a well-developed and formatted report with proper grammar spelling and punctuation. § I followed the submission guidelines.

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